Lawyers specialised in Compliance, with more than 35 years professional experience.


Member of the Madrid Bar Association since 1986. Card N. 26.134.

Master’s Degree in Corporate Legal Consultancy. Instituto de Empresa, 1989.

Languages: English.

Professional experience

Lawyer with expertise in Criminal Law. Founder of his own office, specialising in crimes in the economic field. His professional speciality is focused on crimes relating to business and economic activity, fraud, breach of trust and abuse of power.

In 2010, Spain introduced a system of criminal liability for companies and organisations. Since then, Juan Molins Otero has developed design and implementation of compliance programmes. His experience as a criminal lawyer has had great practical impact, both as a defence lawyer and as a private prosecutor. With a practical approach, each programme is adapted and personalised for individual clients, like a specialist tailor-made suit.  

He has specialised in adjustments to Spanish law of compliance programmes for multinational companies with subsidiaries in Spain.


Member of the Madrid Bar Association since 1992. Card No. 48.764.

Master’s Degree in Economic and Corporate Patrimonial Crime, (Awarded Degree by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, 2015-2016).  

Languages: English and German. Member of the British Spanish Law Association (BSLA) and the German-Spanish Lawyers’ Association (DSJV-AHAJ).

Professional experience

He has developed his legal career as a litigation lawyer and advisor to both private individuals and companies. He has practised in the areas of civil, commercial and criminal law, with special focus on international relations.

Since 2015, his professional activity has specialised in the legal discipline of compliance and crime prevention in companies. To this end, he combines knowledge of business and economic relations with criminal law.

His work has focused on the study of the organisational structures of business groups. He specialises in regulatory compliance and adaptation of the internal regulations of the parent company. He has broad experience in reconciliation in criminal compliance programmes and internal control systems, corporate responsibility, ISO standards, quality, environmental and occupational risk prevention management.

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